YB Law Firm | Phase 2
Jdaideh, Lebanon

The project was the renovation of a boutique law firm in the Jdaideh region. The main concern was to reserve the existing classical wooden bookshelves and introduce a modern feel (appeal) to the new space. The integration a mirror TV in the heart of one of these bookshelves provided the flexibility of its use and its seamless aspect when turned off. This double story office consist of the lawyer's executive suite consisting of his office, a meeting room and a homey lounge, in addition to 8 separate offices for the employees, along with reception area, archive room, and their services.  The reflective gold finish in the columns cladding and meeting table, and its pendant lighting provided warmth and richness that reflect the client’s personality. Modern furniture have been selected to reach the aimed design, in addition to genuine leather, marble, and natural wood.

Archilovers 2019
YB Law Firm project has been selected as one of the Best on Archilovers 2019 for its outstanding aesthetics, creativity and functionality.
It is one of the most 'loved' out of the 50,000 projects published in 2019.


Photos by Charbel Tawil