Saifi Institute for Arabic language



Saifi, Beirut, Lebanon


In the heart of Beirut, Saifi Institute for Arabic Language teaches Arabic for foreigners. This educational institute is located in a unique traditional building where the general idea was to reserve the longstanding essence of architectural aspects. The main concept was to install floating/freestanding objects that respects the existing interior spaces while maximizing functionality.
For an inspirational flair, coming together with the graphic designer Rana Abou Rjeily for her collaboration in designing the branding, wayfinding, artwork and calligraphy in the space.
The three-floor space consists of 11 classrooms, 2 conference rooms, a library, a knowledge sharing amphitheater, along with a teacher’s lounge, administration and reception area, and an online learning room. Its interior colors were an implementation based on the Saifi Institute brand colors, in addition to the use of recycled wood panels.
See students’ interaction at the institute

Photos by AbdulRahman Mohammad