Future of Shade 2017 Design Competition
Well-being Category
In partnership with Hassan Mourad

Organized by Sunbrella United States

SUNflower is a circular shade of a 15 meters diameter on a central pole designed for parks and spacious open-air areas. The main structure consists of a central pole and a gigantic Sunbrella fabric. The continuous circular motion of the fabric spreads it upwards and creates the vital shade, without any additional horizontal beams. This simple structure provides a light and seamless volume when the shade is not in use during cloudy or rainy days.
Similar to the sunflowers in nature, SUNflower tilts during the day to face the sun, due to its light sensors, thus it provides a better shading element. The inclination angle reaches a maximum of 30 degrees. The radius of the fabric is 2.4m shorter than the pole height, so that it will not have any contact with people beneath it when closed or if stopped. Moreover, wind sensors allows it to stop rotating and close when it recognizes high wind speeds. The wide yellow fabric provides an optimal light transmission with fewer stitches. SUNflower is equipped with solar panels system that provides it with continuous power to rotate and stores additional electrical energy in reserve batteries that individuals can use to charge their phones or electrical devices while shaded beneath it. The solar power system consists of flexible and thin Lightweight photovoltaic films stitched onto the shades fabric. These lightweight films are circular of a 10cm diameter.