‘ON’ Mobile Bar 


Product Design

Residential | Entertainment

Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon
ON is a single edition mobile bar designed from scratch in order to respond to specific users’ needs, inspired by the existing interior architecture of their apartment.

Nothing more than necessary to function well, as little design as to be useful, transformed this complex item into a simple one. This simplicity made it take many forms and serve different functions. With the assistance of OgTM castors, travelling from the reception area to the balcony as a bar for drinks that fits six high stools, and to the kitchen as a breakfast bar and an extension to the kitchen counter-top, where the concealed stainless steel shelf is operable.

The tensile strength of gunmetal steel, the energy of genuine leather, and the authenticity of terrazzo, meet the purity of stainless steel. This bespoke bar incorporate a smart storage space, a battery powered electrical socket and a dimmable decorative LED lighting at the low bottles display area, that can be recharged by plugging it in any power outlet nearby. Multiple accessories are equipped with ON that serve different functions like the multi-purpose terrazzo and stainless steel boxes, in addition to the stainless steel greenery pot and ice bucket.
Reasoning from function to form.

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Photo by: Elia Zakkour
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Photos by Elia Zakkour